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Joey ZaZa’s

Joey ZaZa's Website Layout

Joey ZaZa’s

Joey ZaZa's Website Layout

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Joey ZaZa’s is a New York style sandwich restaurant. They serve up amazing sandwiches and coffee.

JZ came to us with a strong graphic design vision and a need for a highly editable, functional website that would give their customers a powerful visual indication of their tasty offerings. We designed and developed their website with inspiration from their punchy existing branding, to both entice and amaze. We also integrated their website with their Point of Sale system, Kounta, to help them manage their in-store customers much more easily.

Benefits for Joey ZaZa’s

  • Kounta integrated
  • Easily editable menus
  • Easy orders access
  • WordPress admin area
  • Low cost build project
  • Beautiful end result

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WordPress FAQs


  • Is WordPress insecure? I’ve heard rumours

    Only if proper care isn’t taken to ensure it’s protected. All our WordPress sites are secured with multiple levels of protection and built with security in mind.

  • How much does WordPress cost?

    Nothing by itself. The platform has no cost since it’s open-source. However, it does take time to develop with, and requires a web hosting environment, both of which do cost – but the ongoing result is generally cheaper than Shopify for example.

  • Why should I choose WordPress?

    WordPress is both a very user-friendly and highly flexible Content Management System. What this means is that it’s easy for developers to build with, and easy for clients to use. At the same time, it can be used to build amazing feats of digital engineering since it provides complete control.